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New BeginningsEmma left David that night, gone to a hotel with their son Mark. Less than two weeks later, David had talked her into coming back. He said they’d get counseling and that it would never happen again. It was just the stress at work that made him like that and the drinking.

But if things got better at work and Emma promised to stay with David and not gossip about this private trouble they were having to her so-called girlfriends, and then things would get better.

“You’ll see, Emma. I’m a changed man. I know how much you and Mark mean to me, and I’m gonna change.” Those words rang in her memory now as her headlights illuminated the road signs. Where was she going this time? How far away was far enough? How determined would he be? Would the police help this time? She was not a victim. She would not let this be Mark’s life. She had to change his story—and hers.